Get In Line: Tips for Making Your Lipliner Picture-Perfect Every Day

Extremely pronounced lipliner in dark hues was definitely a popular makeup trend in the 90’s—these days, it’s chic to apply your liner in the color that coordinates with your lipstick or gloss. Finding a liner in the right shade and blending the liner correctly will help to keep your lip color on all day, and accentuate the shape of your pout.

Using Lip Liners for Perfect Lips

Dark Lipliner

Dark Lipliner

If you want to wear a dark brown or deep red lipliner, apply the liner on the inside of your lips to accent your natural mouth shape—this will ensure that your lips don’t appear disproportionate to the rest of your facial features. Use a small lip brush to bring some of the lipliner color to the middle of your lips, so that the lipstick or gloss you apply will meld perfectly with your lipliner color.

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