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Beautiful Brows: Perfect, Shapely Brows for Fall/Winter

As we enter the cooler months of the year, it’s time to start changing out a few items in your makeup bag. A liquid foundation may be best to provide your skin with a little more moisture in colder weather, and eye makeup that is infused with skin conditioners that will give your skin a matte or slightly dewy finish are must-haves for autumn and winter. Brow powders will help to define your eyebrows, show off your natural eye color, and make a natural or dramatic makeup look even more polished.

Check out these picks for the best brow powders for your look.

Have Perfect Brows for Fall and Winter!

Urban Decay Brow Box

Urban Decay’s Brow Box comes with two shades, an angled brow brush and a small pair of tweezers. That’s everything you need to apply brow powder precisely and get rid of stray hairs. You can even use the lighter brow color as an eyeshadow directly underneath your eyebrows for more to bring more attention to a smoky eyeshadow or wispy lashes. You can purchase the Brow Box at Sephora for around $29.00.

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