Beauty Icon: Nina Simone

Ms Nina Simone was known for her smooth jazz infused sound. She has been immortalized with samples on Hip Hop and R&B tracks and through sayings like “Forever Young, Gifted and Black” that have existed in music and culture for decades.

With a career spanning almost 50 years that produced more than 40 albums, she is a legend- Further glorified by her pivotal role in the civil rights movement.

Nina Simone exuded strength in her songs, in her lyrics, and in her appearance. She wore her pride on her sleeve and at a time when many popular African American musicians were trying to blend into the mainstream she kept her look authentic and true to who she was.

The Beauty and Style of Nina Simon


Nina Simone Hair

In the majority of images where Nina is pictured she has her hair natural, styled in ways that glorify its texture. It screams I am a black woman, all natural, and beautiful.

She also paid homage to her African lineage by wearing head dresses and prints that acted as a reminder of who she was and the innate beauty that was encompassed within her culture of origin.

Nina Simone Head Dresses

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