Texture on the Runway

Texture On the Runway

It’s official, natural hair has become an epidemic. Black women across the globe were taking out their weaves trashing their creamy crack aka relaxer and embracing their natural God given curly hair. We’ve even seen quite a few celebrities like Kim Cole’s follow suit and go for a natural do. It’s no secret that donning your natural hair is not only freeing to your inner spirit but it’s also freeing when it comes to your everyday hair routine. Although going natural is about freedom there is a wrong and a right way to take care of your natural locks.

The Natural Hair Revival

To find out what the best products are out there for natural hair, last week Might Beauty hit up the Texture On The Runway event held at the City Winery in lower Manhattan. When we arrived it felt like a natural hair revival. Women of all nationalities and shades of brown filled the event to find out what was new in the natural hair beauty industry. Also in attendance were some of the leading natural hair blogger’s like Patrice Yursik of Afrobella and Taran Guy.

The Natural Hair Revival

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