Multicolour French Tips

Color Me Polished: How to Wear Multi-Colored Manicures this Fall

Credit: I’m a Beauty Geek

Rich burgundy, steel gray and hunter green are just some of the beautiful tones you can pick from this fall season when you make your next manicure appointment (or set up your very home at-home “salon”). Neons are also suitable for fall, especially if your wardrobe is filled with neutral hues and you want a manicure that will stand out. Combining two of your favorite colors on your nails makes your manicure just a little more interesting, and is another way to express your personal style. Here are some tone pairings that will make autumn fashion even more fun.

Multi-Colored Manicure for Fall!

Multi-colored French tips.

French Tips

Paint your nails a light tan or sandy color, and add a strip of color to the top of each nail. Bright colors pair well with the neutral brown in the base polish, and make this manicure appropriate for a number of settings. You can choose one bright color like yellow or ice blue for this trendy spin on the French manicure, or paint each nail tip in a different shade for an adorable and creative take on a classic nail design.

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