Style Icon - Mary J Blige

Style Icon: Mary J Blige

Often proclaimed the Queen of Hip Hop and R&B, Ms Mary J Blige is the personification of style and has been serving as a style icon for the last 2 decades. When she made her way into the spotlight in 1992 with her sophomore album “What’s the 411” her style had a street feel that was perfect for that time because it had enough edge to attract the hip hop crowd while her powerful, soulful voice captivated R&B listeners.

The Style of Mary J Blige

The Style of Mary J Blige

In the video for her breakout hit “Real Love” she wore doc martins and single handedly increased sales, because everyone that was into hip hop or R&B at the time had to have them. This was a sign of things to come for Mary who continues to be a trend setter today.

Mary J Blige

Mary J has also been tagged the Queen of versatility, because she has been able to do what few other artists’ have done successfully, which is to stay relevant and to reinvent herself time and time again without compromising her sense of self. She has kept that edge, but has also succeeded in creating a more mature, sophisticated look over the years. She offers us the best of both worlds with clothing, body art and accessories that speak to her street persona as well as some of the most classy and elegant ensembles to hit the red carpet.

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