Creating a Vision Board


Creating a vision board is a creative collage of images you want to become. Typically it involves clipping images out of a magazine or pasting them from the internet. This is a fairly simple but exciting task that allows us to physically see what needs to be done to get to where we want to be.

How to Make a Great Vision Board

For example, I aspire to be a singer songwriter so this is how I would do my vision board. I would clip out images of my favorite songwriters and significant lyrics to songs. Then I would create a drawing (probably with stick figures) of notable producers in my area underneath my pictures of my favorite singers and songwriters. I will then put dollar signs and pictures of a clock underneath that because I know that it will take time and money to produce songs. Finally I would write dollar inspirational words like patience, ambition, determination, write words like that all over my board to keep me motivated. This would all be put together on a big piece of cardboard paper. Just like the kind of activity I use to do in grade school.

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