The Best Lipsticks for Dark Skinned Women

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One of our major new years beauty resolutions is to wear bold bright lips Bright lips were popular on the Spring 2012 runways and we want to get in on the trend. A myriad of dark skin women seem to shy away from a bright lip because they have bought into the myth that dark skin women should steer clear of bright colors especially when it comes to makeup. Well, it’s quite the contrary. In case you didn’t know, dark skin chicks look fabulous in bright colors, especially when it comes to lipsticks.

Bright Lipsticks for Dark-Skinned Women

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When doing a bright lip it is important to find the right bright for your skin tone. Most people are jaded by magazines that think black women are just light, medium, and dark complexions, not realizing that there are many shades of dark skin. We sat at countless makeup counters and tried quite a few drugstore brands to find our favorite bright bold lipstick colors in red, pink, and orange, yes ORANGE for the chocolate deluxe sister’s.

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