Beauty Icon - Lena Horne

Beauty Icon: Lena Horne

If we are considering the word Diva by definition as a distinguished female singer, it partially defines Ms Lena Horne. However, she was also much more than that, she was a singer, dancer, actress and civil rights activist. Born in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn she encompassed many of the qualities we now think of when we hear the word Diva. She was committed to her political views even to the detriment of her acting career being shunned from Hollywood for much of the 1950s, but she stayed steadfast to her beliefs and persevered regardless of the obstacles before her.

The Style of Lena Horne

When Hollywood turned their back on her she moved back into the night club scene, did television and eventually had her own one woman show on Broadway titled “Lena Horne: The Lady and her Music” for which she won many awards and accolades.

The Syle of Lena Horne

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