Latte Lips

Latte Lips: Cocoa and Spicy Lipstick Shades for Fall

Credit: Cosmetic Candy

Shades of brown are all the rage this fall season—even when it comes to makeup. Hues of brown lipstick look stunning on women of color, and these shades are especially lovely in cooler weather. Here are a few varieties of brown lipstick that come alive on all shades of brown skin.

Brown Lipstick Shades for Fall

NARS Autumn Leaves

Nars brown lipstick in Autumn Leaves gives beautiful, pronounced reddish brown color against all brown shades. On lighter skin, the lipstick provides a classic but understated red lip; on medium brown and dark brown complexions, Autumn Leaves gives a currant or raisin-like shade to lips, and looks great with shimmery eyeshadow in metallic shades like bronze or copper. You can find this Nars shade for about $24 at stores like Bloomingdale’s.

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